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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was never been easy. There are lots of websites in Bangladesh who has the potential keywords to get rank better in Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page). But due to lack of understanding the necessity of SEO those sites are not getting top position in search engine. Every website requires a SEO expert in Bangladesh. But before taking decision you need to know why to do SEO in the first place.

Why you need SEO expert?

In Bangladesh there are so many websites we don’t know about. Now let’s think you have a business website that deliver food online in Bangladesh. You have invested a lots of money to develop your website and people love it. But how people will find your name? How they will memorize your website address. So most of the people will do a Google search from their phone or computer with keyword “buy food online in Bangladesh”. See the screenshot of Google SERP.

First two results are paid result came from Google Ads. UberEats and Foodpanda. They are spending lots of money to get visitor for their website. But see the 4rd and 4th position and So when people are searching with that keyword, then the first 10 website in that Google SERP page is getting most of the click. It means those website are getting visitor. And you know what, more visitor meaning more sales and more sales is your revenue. So either you need to spend lots of money to get #1 position in Google or you need to research for keywords and optimize your website to get ranked in top position in Google search engine result page. If you can get your website in top position (in the first page there is so far 10 results), then you will get website traffic based on your keyword search volume.

To optimize your website for better ranking in Google search engine, you need to hire one SEO expert who will take care of this.

Available SEO services in Bangladesh

So let’s see what types of services you need and I can provide for better search engine ranking.

  • Keyword research
    To determine about which keyword you will chose to get more traffic with less competition. Because you need to remember that other companies like you they are also doing keyword research.
  • Competitor analysis
    In every search result there will be 10 results in Google first page. So you have to conduct a massive analysis about your competitor. So you can outrank their position and get more traffic than your competitor
  • Content writing
    Content is the king. You need to hire the best SEO expert in Bangladesh to prepare and write best content guidelines for your website. I will provide SEO compatible content writing service too. Good content always rank higher.
  • Tracking performance
    SEO is a continuous process and you can’t expect result within a day or week. Because you continuously need to improve SEO because your competitors are beating you in Google SERP so you need to outrank them.
    For every SEO effort you need to see the result by configuring various tools and utilities for getting analytical reports. For example, Google Analytics & Search Console

How to get started?

To get started working on your website SEO, you need to consult with the best SEO expert in Bangladesh. Because there is no definitive guide to get started. SEO process varies based on industry, market and competition. Contact with me to get free SEO audit today. After getting the free audit I can provide you a hour long free consultancy to get started.

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